The Enchanting One-Stop Garden Center

Consistently voted the Best Garden Center on the North Fork, Trimble’s of Corchaug Nursery propagates and sells a unique assortment of annuals, perennials, and woody ornamentals, using organic growing methods. Our four beautiful acres include sales yards, a huge greenhouse, 11 hoophouses, and mature in-ground trees. Trimble’s features both native plants and the latest cultivars of old favorites.

You’ll find unusual container plantings, rare plants, deer-resistant plants, berries, and herbs and vegetables. We cultivate a “small box” mentality when it comes to the variety of plants we offer and our first-class service, always keeping our quality high and prices competitive.

Many of our plants are propagated here at the nursery from seed, vegetative cuttings, and division. We are “cool growers” so our plants are better acclimated once planted in your garden. That means they are not over-fertilized with synthetic products, doused in weed killers, or sprayed with harsh insecticides. As in nature, we grow from the soil up, using an organic soil medium specially formulated for the specific plant.

We also offer unique pottery, organic soil amendments, tools, and the largest collection of planted bowling balls on the North Fork.

Try our Natural Weed Killer on your patios and driveways:
Mix in your sprayer: 1 gallon white vinegar, 1-1/2 cups epsom salt, and 1/4 cup blue Dawn dishsoap. Amazingly effective!

For a map of our nursery, click here.